Health is being the strongest we can be. Me, my family, my whanau, my community, us. Health also comes in many forms - social, physical, spiritual, environmental, financial and mental. It can be a product, a service, a treatment, a pill, an app but it always involves connecting people and an ethos of care. Wairua, mahi, manakitanga and whanau.

Our health is our wealth. Being able to live well and live strong provides us with so many more opportunities to work, live, play and pray.The healthier we are the better we can look after ourselves and our families. It's critical then, that everyone involved in providing any form of health to New Zealanders, does it the best they can. We are a stronger country when we are well.

But how health is being delivered and 'consumed' has changed and will change even more. And fast. People with paraplegic limbs are learning to walk again through virtual reality training, visually impaired people are re-seeing the world thanks to stem cell therapies and 'smart' glasses, women are managing their fertility through apps, men are accessing mental health support through Facebook (there are 55,000+ dads on KiwiDads) while nanotechnology and 3D printing will completely change orthopaedics - 'Need a new knee? certainly madame, we'll have that ready for you this afternoon. Yes, we can deliver it by drone to your home'.

Right now, there are truck drivers doing virtual consults with their GPs in Pukekohe while they transport loads to Wellington (during a rest break of course!), there will be 6328 people searching for weight loss plans for summer...'should I go paleo, lemon detox, LCHF or IF'...? A person will be describing their symptoms to an AI GP app on their phone. There will be a mother trying to understand, let alone spell, Alzheimer's in a specialist office, a Dad in Otahuhu managing what he thinks is an ankle strain with anti immflammatories while gout takes hold and a new mum staring blankly at the wall of baby formulas stretching down the supermarket aisle, saying to herself, 'I used to be in the other aisle getting free wine tastings, when did this happen?!'.

Health is different. The average decision time for purchasing butter is 3 seconds, a diagnosis for Ankylosing Spondylitis can take 7 years.

Getting health, providing health and doing health is not easy. There are multiple stakeholders and interested parties involved who often have to work together to make things happen. No patient or health consumer is 'an island' but is surrounded by a mix of family, whanau, friends, health professionals, well-meaning 'friends', Facebook advice, Insta-stars, media, advertising and everyones 'go-to', Google.

All this combines to make the health behaviour pathway dynamic with interlacing layers of both head and heart decision making. Often too, these decisions are made in the context of a pressured situation where highly technical information needs to deciphered, assimilated and acted upon with significant consequences for getting it wrong. Buy the wrong lipstick and it might not match your outfit ruining your instagram post, buy the wrong antiseptic cream and that scratch could become septicaemia, ruining your life. Health is different.

Health is why DeepLimited is here. Our role is to help build and shape the connection between organisations and the people they serve so they achieve the health they want and deserve.

We want to help make health and care smoother, more connected, more user friendly and more people driven. We want to help put the best care in the hands of those who need it, where they need, when they want it. We want to make health services and health products easier to use but also easier to run and easier to deliver.

Health is our true wealth. NZ is leading the world in healthcare innovation and in indigenous health development. We can be the healthiest and therefore 'wealthiest' country in the world. We want to help make that happen. That's why we we do this work. Let us help you bring the best health to your customers, patients, communities.